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Review of “Lost My Love”

Book Title: Lost My Love Author: Krishna Yoganarasimha Strikingly different! The suspense is gripping and keeps the reader on the edge, engaged and intrigued. The climax is absolutely awesome. Overall, very well done. Looking forward to the follow up release in this series. Highs: Pg 13 - Smart introduction to Myra's appearance Overall - Usage [...]

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Review of “Quarter Life Crisis”

Book Title: Quarter Life Crisis Author: Anshuk Attri Overall, fairly good read. Although the pace slackens between Prachur's marriage and the child birth, to the extent that I got a bit bored. On the other hand, on multiple instances, the author exudes a spontaneous sense of humor which is really enjoyable. Highs: Pg 64 - [...]

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Review of “On the moon, between the stars”

Written By: Manvendra Kumar Rating: 2/5 I will keep this short and sweet, just as the book was intended to be. I would like to appreciate the author's sincere attempt to create a short, sweet and entertaining story. Having said that, I must say that the book is full of grammatical errors. The language was [...]

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Review of “The Price of Our Silence”

Book Title: The Price of Our Silence Author: Hanadi Falki Overall nice and touching. The characters are well-sketched, although zuby's character exudes a holier-than-thou attitude,which gets a bit irritating. Highs --------- The description of Aligarh in chapter 13 was really good and of high literary value. The author could probably explore the possibility of narrating [...]

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Travel and Writing

In my opinion, as an author, you need to have a variety of experiences across different places, with different people. Stories are weaved out of real experiences or let's say even our imagination expands in proportion to our experiences! Characters, places and events appear artificial if the author does not have an honest perspective based on [...]

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Book Review

Book review can be fascinating! For the author, it is heartwarming and sometimes amazing to see that the reviewer experienced the same feelings as you did, while writing. It could also be amazing if the reviewer comes up with an interpretation that you as an author had never thought of! As an avid reader, book [...]

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Books and eBooks!

eBook and Kindle and so on. I am still a huge fan of an actual, physical book. Something I can touch, feel, hold and make my companion! The aroma of a tale hidden in the crisp new pages, waiting expectantly to be experienced :) I have nothing against digitization, in fact many of my readers [...]

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Romantic fiction can be cliched! Stereotyped! And yet they pull on the strings of your heart, make you smile, make you cry and make you very very thoughtful. Why? Of course because romance is an ethereal emotion, an other worldly feeling which is never out of vogue! Bur wait a minute, maybe its so special because [...]

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You can get the book online from: Flipkart Snapdeal Rediff Infibeam Pustak Mandi If you are outside India you can get the book online from Barnes & Noble “From Yesterday” is also currently available at the following book stores in India: [...]

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