“From Yesterday” is Anupam’s second novel and was released in 2017. The book revolves around the story of Anita, Adi and Christina set in the cities of Chennai and Chicago. This romantic fiction evokes feelings of true love and sacrifice interlaced with the pangs of falling and separating in love.

The book promises a breezy, soft and emotional read; something that Anupam looks to offer in his creations. The storyline is meshed with interesting titbits involving tarot cards, Chicago’s picturesque locales and of course Latin Dancing! In fact, Anupam, initially thought of writing a sequel to his debut novel “Salsa – World is a Small Place”, but the creative process took its own turn towards a fresh tale with “From Yesterday”.

Speaking about the creative process, the story is mix of fiction and reality with some real-life anecdotes liberally sprinkled into the contours of the imaginary characters of Anita, Adi and Christina!

Happy Reading!