Book Title: Lost My Love

Author: Krishna Yoganarasimha

Strikingly different! The suspense is gripping and keeps the reader on the edge, engaged and intrigued. The climax is absolutely awesome. Overall, very well done. Looking forward to the follow up release in this series.


Pg 13 – Smart introduction to Myra’s appearance

Overall – Usage of poetry / verses intermittently, for example one on page 30 is excellent


Pgs 14,15,36 – Usage of present continuous tense instead of past tense is intriguing and somewhat unusual. Sentences could have been crafted more elegantly, for example “…….he tries to recall his old days that he spent with Myra” is a bit awkward

Pg 26, 2nd para – Pronoun should have been used

In summary, well devised, with a different plot that leaves the reader asking for more! Language and grammar can be improved. More meat to characters required, maybe shall get to see that in subsequent releases in this series. Overall rating 3.5/5 !