Written By: Manvendra Kumar

Rating: 2/5

I will keep this short and sweet, just as the book was intended to be. I would like to appreciate the author’s sincere attempt to create a short, sweet and entertaining story. Having said that, I must say that the book is full of grammatical errors. The language was appalling, liberally sprinkled with Hindi invectives. There are some complex english words used in between which look artificial and force-fitted, given that there are basic grammar errors throughout the book.

I found some of the references to ladies quite objectionable. For example, the following lines made me cringe – it is so cheap!!!

“To miss the walk of a beautiful lady is like to miss the dessert after a royal feast and when it comes to missing rear view, it’s like you returned empty stomach from a lavish wedding”

On a different note, in chapter 19, the author depicts the unconditional love of parents. This bit is really touching and very well done.

The storyline is average with a predictable climax. Mickesh realizes that he should have been more responsible, when he does not get an increment in salary. However, at the end of the tale, he compromises his decision to do a MS, for the sake of love. The reader is left guessing if Mickesh would be a more responsible and balanced person or the same old lovelorn youngster who can forsake everything for Gauri.

All said and done, would have been much more readable with some proper editing. Unfortunately, if there is one thing that I would remember about the book, it would be the grammatical errors