Book Title: The Price of Our Silence

Author: Hanadi Falki

Overall nice and touching. The characters are well-sketched, although zuby’s character exudes a holier-than-thou attitude,which gets a bit irritating.

  • The description of Aligarh in chapter 13 was really good and of high literary value. The author could probably explore the possibility of narrating historical events in her writing career
  • Description of how Adi would have loved to get past time back when his father was ill
  • Good explanation of true meaning of jihad
  • Page 163 – Adi appearing suddenly and seeking Zuby’s time was sweet
  • In the penultimate chapter Adi professes his love for Zuby and engages in prolonged conversation with her, when he has received the news that his elder brother is dead! Appeared very unnatural and artificial to me.
  • There is excessive technical detail about stereoscopy which becomes boring at times
  • There are at least 3 occasions when one of the leading ladies bites her lower lip! The expression was probably used once too often!
Overall well presented, although the reason for the silence is a bit inexplicable. Adi could have professed his love for Zuby earlier to sort out the complications. In summary, “The Price of Our Silence” is certainly well narrated and is a good read! Well done Hanadi!

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