Book Title: Quarter Life Crisis

Author: Anshuk Attri

Overall, fairly good read. Although the pace slackens between Prachur’s marriage and the child birth, to the extent that I got a bit bored. On the other hand, on multiple instances, the author exudes a spontaneous sense of humor which is really enjoyable.


Pg 64 – Touching description of leaving college and feeling a sense of separation from hostel room

Pg 96 – The poem “Dark Days” is well written

Pg 134 – The wedding proposal was very touching

Pg 134 – Rising to the occasion to fix the satellite dish on the fourth floor was funny!

Pg 244 – Reference to Amitabh Bachchan’s famous movie scene was hilarious


Pg 75 – “And I you” in response to “I love you” – sounded awkward grammatically

Pg 119 – The conversation at this juncture, given the imminent crisis, appears a bit artificial. While the ebullience of youth and love is understandable, the dialogue comes across as contrived

In summary, the storyline moved quite well till midway, with a rebellious couple fighting for their love. The pace as well as the substance in the plot goes downhill from that point on. Prachur emerges as a fickle character at times, with very little conviction and will-power. Overall, a light read, with a couple of strong characters in Neera and Innaya.