In my opinion, as an author, you need to have a variety of experiences across different places, with different people. Stories are weaved out of real experiences or let’s say even our imagination expands in proportion to our experiences! Characters, places and events appear artificial if the author does not have an honest perspective based on first-hand experience. I mean I can’t write based on what I read, that would be more like research and curation instead of original thought!

Travelling allows you to have a quick go at the history, culture , society and related nuances of a particular place. It is quite likely that some of the characters in your book turn out to be a mix of people you met during your travel. Maybe a particular trait, something remarkable, something really odd 🙂

In my humble opinion, a good author needs to be a good observer. Travel opens up the prospect of observing and absorbing countless thoughts for your poetic soul to ponder upon!

What’s your take, does travelling improve your writing?